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This site is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the 1982 Jeep CJ-7 Jamboree Edition (The Jambo). It is widely believed that AMC only produced 2500 Jamborees. However, out of over 110 Jambos in our registry, none is numbered over 701, despite over 10 years of searching. Therefore, 82jambo.com believes the 2500 production run is highly suspect. We believe that fewer than 650 may have actually been produced and fewer than 200 are still in existence. Of these, perhaps fewer than 50 are in original condition.

Here, you will find an overview of the Jamboree, details on its special features, and the Jambo Registry.

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If you want your Jambo listed on this site please send an email to jambo152@82jambo.com. Please include a picture of the Jeep, a picture of the dash plaque, and a picture of the VIN tag. We will compare this tag to our VIN database of known Jambos.


AMC produced the Jamboree to honor the 30th anniversary of the Jeepers Jamboree

On the exterior, all Jamborees came standard with Topaz Gold Metallic or Olympic White paint, Jamboree hood decal, chrome wheels and bumpers/bumperettes, black soft top, black rocker trim, and special spare tire cover. Only Jamborees could be ordered in Topaz Gold. The only other 1982 Jeep vehicle that could be Topaz Gold was the Waggoner--see the 1982 Sales Brochure

On the interior, Jambos had special black and gold vinyl seats (front and rear), center console, black carpeting, black padded roll bar and saddle bags, and special dash plaque denoting the production number.

The following "factory approved" dealer options were available: Ramesy electric winch, AM/FM stereo CB radio, off-road driving lamps, light bar, fire extinguisher, and grille/brush guards. A hardtop and hard doors were options. The hard top was black with gray-tone glass, like the Laredo.

The 258-ci six cylinder was standard, being an upgrade from the 4 cylinder. As was the five-speed, power brakes, power steering, a special oversized 20-gallon fuel tank, tilt steering, heavy-duty charging system, heavy-duty cooling, and P235/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler tires. An automatic transmission was an option.

Air conditioning was not a factory option because it conflicted with the Jambo badge. Jambos, like Laredos, came with an under-dash ashtray. When AC was included, this ashtray was mounted on the dash, right where the Jambo badge goes. Therefore, AMC ruled out AC. They also excluded a full-size spare because it conflicted with the special spare tire cover. Jambos came with a small polyspare.

Jambo Registry

Click here for the Jambo Registry.

Jambo Questions

Click here for answers to some tough Jambo questions. 

Jambo Goodies

Click here for a copy of the original Jambo sales brochure. This details the Jambo's standard features and includes great color pictures.

Here is a copy of an original Jambo window sticker. Thanks to Capt. Pete for providing this!

Here is a copy of the original Jambo advertisement. This also appears in Jim Allen's book.

Check out the certificate of authenticity that came with each Jambo. Thanks to Tom Timbario for providing this.

Here is a copy of the letter provided to owners. Thanks to Tom Timbario for providing this.

Click here for the original paint colors.

AMC had a sweepstakes in 1982 with a new Jamboree as first prize. Here is the flyer.

1982 CJ Goodies

Click here for the 1982 Jeep accessories catalog. This is a large file. Good luck finding this stuff!

Click here for the reduced version (CJs only) of the 1982 Jeep Sales brochure.

Click here for the 1982 CJ sales flyer.

Jambo Questions

Click here for answers to some tough Jambo questions.

Books that Feature the Jamboree

The Jamboree is featured in the following books.

"Standard Catalog of Jeep: 1940-2003" by Patrick Foster.

"Jeep Color History" by Steve Statham. This includes a full page color photo.

"Jeep Collectors Library" by Jim Allen. Features a Jambo on the front cover! Jim gives the Jambo 4 stars out of 5 for investment potential, only the 1970-1975 Renegade and the 1973, 1976-1977 Super Jeep (only two known to exist) are rated higher. Jim writes "Only 2,500 numbered copies were built, and this is one later Jeep that will bring a few bucks." 

Forget the Laredo; they're a dime a dozen! The Scrambler? Over 10 times as many Scramblers were produced. If your looking for a super cool collectable Jeep, the Jambo is it. It is without a doubt the rarest CJ-7 ever built. It is even more rare than many believe. 2500 were supposed to be produced, but weren't. AMC built fewer than 1000 and perhaps fewer than 750. 

The only thing that makes the Jambo a Jambo is the seats, paint, lettering, and badge number. Finding a Jambo with these items intact is very hard. Perhaps fewer than 75 remain in existence.

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