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Confirmed Jambos

We are in the process of adding about 20-30 to new Jambo discoveries! Note: All information provided in this table is based on information provided by the owners or is available on public websites. Click on the underlined numbers or words for more detail or pictures.

Please send information on confirmed Jambos to jambo152@82jambo.com!

# Production Number Owner Location Notes
1 2   Warren and Zoe Peverill   Clovis, Ca 150K miles, original condition, except for paint (09/13/09)
2 4 AC Houston, TX 101K miles, repainted, for sale (7/13/07)
3 6   Brandon Dodd tbd Rock Crawling Jambo! (12/28/10)
4 12 Jim Marski Colorado Original. 55K miles. Featured on cover of Jim Allen's book! (11/12/06)
5 14 unknown unknown No info. (8/22/10)
6 18   Rudy Miller Ohio Rust-free AZ Jeep. Will sell soon. (12/24/10)
7 21 Gregory Bittle Central Valley, CA Being restored (1/9/08)
8 23   Zack Webb Maryville, TN Recently updated. (12/03/07)
9 29 Andres Reyes St. Charles, Illinois Original owner! (9/1/08)
10 32 unknown Rockingham, NC Original. 65K miles. Recently sold, current owner unknown. (11/12/06)
11 36 Dwayne Myer Silver Spring, MD Obtaining pictures (11/26/10).
12 37 Bob P Pensacola, FL Original 53K miles (4/3/08)
13 42 Troy Dean Portsmouth, N.H. Being restored (12/2/08).
14 44 Yaseen Ali Pakistan Original except for engine swap to diesel. (11/12/06)
15 49   Jeff Gilly San Angelo, TX Original. 108K miles. (12/5/10)
16 50   C. Edwards Boise, Idaho Listed on eBay. 23K on rebuilt motor. (7/26/10) 
17 56 Unknown Unknown Was listed for sale on eBay. (10/11/08)
18 70 Joe Drogowski Tecumseh, MI 95,369 miles. Being rebuilt. (2/26/07)
19 71 Phil Lee Salt Lake City, Utah For sale (11/15/10).
20 72   Brian R San Diego, CA Offroad since '97. For sale. (06/12/07)
21 76   Daniel McCormick unknown Modified. Orig white? (4/29/09)
22 85 Angie Barba unknown Blue. Obtaining pictures (12/1/10)
23 90 Becky Kesterson Collinsville, Oklahoma Original except for pass. seat (06/05/07)
24 93 none deceased This Jambo has been parted out (4/3/10)
25 99 Bob Carey Sturbridge, MA The tub is shot, so it is being replaced with a 94 YJ tub.  I am changing the color to Amber Fire Pearlcoat (4/6/07)
26 102   Jim Schwan Fort Atkinson, IA Restored by Austin Jeeps. 35,000 original miles. (9/5/10)
27 103   Alfredo Fiorentini Crema, Italy Obtain information.
28 110 C.S. Gellinger Omaha, Nebraska 164K miles. Original except for driver's seat (12/15/10)
29 119 Luke Price Oatmeal, Texas 104,000 miles. All original, no modifications. (2/24/07)
30 123   Unknown
Claremore, OK 
For sale. Warning! Graphic images! This Jambo has been completely destroyed. (02/21/08)
31 128   Ian Satterthwaite Billings, Montana 150K miles. Runs great. Orig color (9/14/09).
32 133 badskippy (eBay ID) Salida, CO Original, 44K miles. Current status unknown. (11/12/06)
33 134   John Holzberger Running Springs, CA Being restored  (11/30/10).
34 137 David Rife Wichita, Kansas Original color, but seats, engine (327 V8 Chevy), and suspension have been changed. For sale on Jeep Brokers. (11/12/06)
35 148   Jake Wolf Spring, TX 90K miles. Orig. except for drivers seat. (7/16/10).
36 150 Carey Wallace Mendenhall, Mississippi Original except for front seat and transmission. (5/20/07)
37 152 Eric Bickel Austin, Texas Original. 99K miles. (11/12/06)
38 156 Charles Albert Caroline County, VA 55K miles. Near mint (seats stored). Also owns #463! (7/15/08)
39 158   Terry Epp San Antonio, TX Not original in regards to lift. Recently sold.  (7/31/07)
40 162   Joe Brooks North Wilkesboro, NC 60K miles. Purchase in 1992 (8/15/07)
40 163 Daniel Ilse Austin, TX 175K. Original. (5/11/07)
41 164   Jason unknown Paint is close to original. Original seats. Recently sold (4/21/10)
42 182 Shane Knisley Western Tennessee 115K mi. Being refurbished. (6/13/07)
43 183   Carlos Philadelphia New owner. (5/12/10)
44 198 Andy Palm Harbor, FL Posted on jeepforum.com. (3/15/09)
45 203   Mark Sowder Brigham City, Utah Getting it back on the road. (2/11/10)
46 209 Dan Bradshaw Bountiful, Utah A true Moab off-road Jambo (6/9/08)
47 211   Heath Aggen Tyler, TX Mostly original. Check out the look of this Jambo (8/30/10).
48 213   Earl Carrasco Albuquerque, NM Restored in 2005 (11/14/10).
49 218 Shawn Cummings St. Louis, MO This jamboree runs well but body rust has taken its toll. (5/26/07)
50 221 solvang Wisconsin 117K miles. Airbrushed. (8/18/09)
51 225 Dennis Lucas Pierre, SD Owned in '82. 135K miles (7/25/10)
52 227 Kyle R. Christiansen unknown Stock, lacks seats (2/16/09)
53 231  Bryan Nedwed unknown Obtaining info (8/16/10).
54 254  Casey McKelvey Dallas, Texas (?) Being restored  (12/14/09).
55 255 Lyssa Patterson Salem, Oregon  Mustang 5.0L w/ auto tranny. (6/22/07)
56 257 Jake A. Dallas, Texas 84 K, 31" tires, no lift (8/28/07)
57 260 Frank Gallucci Wakefield, RI Original owner. 72K miles (11/16/10).
58 266 unknown Phoenix, AZ For sale (1/14/09)
59 267 unknown unknown Amazing condition. 53K miles. Recently sold (7/13/07)
60 269 unknown Everett, WA Discussed on jeepforum.com (3/15/09)
61 275 Gene & Jennifer Etherton Graham, Washington 89K miles. Original. (5/31/08)
62 282   Denny Chism North Little Rock, AR Original. Spotted by a friend of the site. (4/28/08)
63 287   Travis Dutson Phoenix, AZ Highly modified. Corvette engine (3/4/09)
64 298   Mike Clancy Lander, WY Orig. except for seats, winch, and tire cover (9/18/09)
65 299   unkown unknown Was sold in 2002. Current whereabouts unknown. (11/2/09)
66 300 Dan Parsons Durango, Colorado Serious off roading! Cover of JP magazine! (9/18/08)
67 301   B. Gentle Denver, Colorado Great condition. Original. 139K mi. (6/1/07).
68 303 Casey Stricklin southern AR Orig. Needs some work. (7/5/10)
69 313 Larry Boxman Birkenfeld, Oregon Wow!. Check out this restoration. Incredible detail.  (8/18/08)
70 315 Matt Rolison Derby, KS Will be restored.  (8/5/08)
71 317 Chip Colorado Obtaining information (7/27/10).
72 319 Daniel C'deBaca Corrales, New Mexico Also owns #355!  (11/25/10)
73 324  unknown unknown Tracking down info.
74 328 Phillip Norton Little Rock, Arkansas 90K original miles. Seats recovered. (3/30/07)
75 330 unknown Utah This Jambo was rolled in Idaho. Scorpion Auto Body in Ephraim, Utah purchased it and later sold it to a collector. Current status unknown. (2/27/07)
76 331 unknown San Diego, CA For sale. No other information.
77 335   Matt Grogan Pilot Mountain, NC 94,000 miles. Restored w. 401. Everything else is stock. (8/13/09)
78 342   Dean Scott Booneville, AR Original paint with 95K miles.  (3/13/10)
80 355 Anthony  C'deBaca Corrales, New Mexico 56,312. miles. Very clean shape (12/4/08)
77 357   Scott Sheffield Monticello, Florida Being rebuilt. (11/17/10)
78 364 unknown De Ridder, Louisiana Posted question to Jeep-Classifieds. Repainted. (12/3/06).
79 367  Paul Carvalho Whitehouse Station, NJ 97,000 miles. Corvette 350 engine, Muncie 465 trans.
81 370  Dwayne Pillow Keene, Texas 350 ci,  4 in lift, original paint & interior. Being restored (8/14/07)
82 373   unknown unknown Found by Tom Timbario (#418) on KC Jeep Club (1/3/08).
83 374 Travis Winger Lander, Wyoming Being restored, but need to sell. (5/26/07)
84 376   Ken Thompson Seattle, Washington Mostly original (4/15/09)
85 401   unknown Tampa, Florida Was for sale on Craigslist. (7/4/08).
86 402 unknown Parks, Arizona Color and seats changed. Recently sold. (11/12/06)
87 409   Jon Taff San Diego, CA Original paint, engine rebuilt, seats changed (10/10/07)
88 411   Jim Erickson Sierra Vista AZ Jim saved this Jambo. It will be a trail rig.  (8/22/10)
89 412   unknown unknown Found by Timbario. (8/22/10)
90 418   Tom Timbario Annapolis, Maryland Being restored. 280K. Original seats, bags, winch, and brush guard (5/11/07)
91 435 Jeff Gerdes Wichita, KS A car crushing Jambo! (9/9/08)
92 437   Gary Stockton, CA Mostly original. Check out original brush guard and A/C (6/3/08)
93 440   Ed Stolka Granbury, TX 135K miles. Original condition. (7/18/10)
94 454 unknown Bolivar, Missouri Color and seats changed. For sale. (11/22/06)
95 460 unknown Italy For sale (7/13/07)
96 463 Charles Albert Caroline County, VA Also owns #156! Tracking down info. (7/15/08)
97 471 unknown El Paso, TX Mostly original, lacks seats (12/9/08)
98 478   Pam Ray Alabama Getting more information (6/9/10).
99 490 Greg Taylor Alabama Posted to the Offroad Pakistan website. For sale. (8/22/08)
100 494   Jim Garner Toledo, Ohio 89K miles. Rebuilt 258. (5/27/08)
101 495 Rich Young Arizona Modified. Olympic White (11/12/06)
102 500   Jeff Taylor Clarksville, Indiana  Original owner, all sales material. Check out the pictures! (12/9/08)
103 511 Joseph Nuccio Charlotte, NC Off-frame restore '96. Originally Olympic White, now Corvette White. (12/4/08)
104 517 Joseph Lyons Fort Smith, Arkansas White. V8 (12/27/10)
105 531   Jim E.  Carlton, Oregon For sale (2/13/09)
106 549   unknown unknown Sold in '90 to AAA Red Sox player in Winter Haven, FL. (3/13/08)
107 555 Capt. Pete Durham, Maine Rebuilt. Painted Ferrari red. Check out the Ferrari! (11/12/06)
108 564 unknown unknown Mentioned on Jeep Forum. (2/23/06)
109 591 Henry Hanser Indio, California Olympic White  (9/13/07)
110 597 Yannis Makarigakis Pireas, Greece Moved from Boston in 1988. Repainted. Engine changed. (6/23/07)
111 598   etkeeny (Eric) Pennington, NJ Not much left of this Jambo. Found by Tom Timbario (3/6/08).
112 615 unlisted  unknown 2nd owner. Original and mint. 18K Org miles never seen rain or snow. (4/7/07)
113 620 Jimmy Sears Douglas Ga Restored. Axels being changed  (7/19/08)
114 624   David Atwater Stockton, CA White Jambo.  (7/8/08)
115 627   unknown unknown Olympic White (9/5/10)
116 639 Dave Behrens Lake Elsinore ,Ca Orig owner. 300K miles and still going! (12/21/08)
117 641   Carl Winkler Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 67K miles. Currently in Panama. Will be moved to GTMO (11/27/07)
118 657   Jason Avelar San Diego, CA Being repainted. Modified. (4/2/09)
119 670 Chuck Longwell Upstate New York Chuck found this sad Jambo in a wrecking yard. Has original seats! (11/17/10)
120 674   unknown Independence, MO Was for sale on eBay (7/9/10)
121 687 Herb Rockport, TX Original except for seats and wheels. For sale (3/22/07)
122 692 unknown Salem, NH Original except driver's seat. For sale (5/15/08)
123 701   unknown unknown Olympic White (9/5/10)
124 ???   Dave Porter Norfolk, Virginia Confirmed Olympic White Jambo. Production number unknown! Help! (9/27/08)

Thanks to Capt. Pete, Tom Timbario, and  Dano' for helping to track down some of these Jambos. 

Here is a picture of Bickel with Dano's Jambo.

Likely Jambos

These have been provided by other owners. Their numbers are available, but current status is known.

Number Owner Location Notes
56 unknown unknown Provided by Dan Parsons: Recently on e-bay as of 9/18/08
62 unknown unknown Provided by Dan Parsons: Personally seen and verified in Moab during EJS.  Unsure of the year.  But was very rusty.
198 unknown unknown Provided by Dan Parsons: e-bay  Back in the late '90's or very early '00's I think. 
217 unknown unknown Provided by Dan Parsons: Personally seen in Durango, Colorado (where I am from) they were tourist visiting.
256 unknown deceased? Discussed on jeepforum.com. Uncertain about number. (3/15/09)
295 unknown unknown Provided by Dan Parsons: e-bay unsure what year
474 unknown Columbia, SC? Provided by Joseph Nuccio: I saw #474(white) in Columbia, SC back in 92'. I saw the number plate on the dash and the tire cover, no lettering on the hood though.
483 unknown unknown Provided by Robert McDaniels: I just wanted to add that I owned # 0483 I owned it until 1988 when it was wrecked thanks to a careless driver. I live in Rochester, NY. it was sold that year and i don't know if it was ever fixed as i never saw it again.
492 unknown  Ft.Myers Fla.? Provided by Joseph Nuccio: I saw #492 in Ft.Myers Fla. on a used car lot.
525 Joe Ruby? Arizona? Provided by Dan Parsons: Guy by the name of Joe Ruby from Arizona.  Must have been 13 or so years ago during Moab EJS.  I have video of this Jeep and him.  This was my most memorable owner meeting.  This guy was retired, owned the Jeep since new, had all the Jambo options including the Ramsey winch.
683 unknown Texas? Provided by Dan Parsons: Personally seen in Moab during EJS.  Some guys from Texas.  I have their names and city, but not sure if they still own it.

Possible Jambos

These Jambos have been located by crawling the web. However, their number was not listed and further information is unavailable.

Number Owner Location Notes
xxxx unknown  Charlotte, NC ? Provided by Joseph Nuccio: I passed a gold Jambo at an intersection in Charlotte. I did not get to see that #.
xxxx unknown  Las Vegas, NV Up for auction in 2005. Check out the color and half doors.
xxxx unknown Arkansas Was for sale in 2002. (11/12/06)
xxxx unknown unknown
I am selling a 1982 Jeep CJ7. It is a limited production Jamboree Edition. I did not restore it to the original paint scheme, but it does come with the ...(11/19/06)
xxxx unknown unknown I have a 82 CJ7 jamboree anniversary model for sale. Runs good, no dents, cracks or bondo, original paint.14x,000 miles, 258, 5 speed, very very little rust( I lived in the desert for 10 years). I was the 2nd owner. Bought it in 1985. All factory including hard top, wheels and etc. Located near the St. Louis Mo. area. (11/19/06)

Fake Jambos

These Jeeps have been represented as Jambos, but 82jambo.com does not believe they are true Jambos. If you are thinking of buying a Jambo, you should know that the dash plaques have been for sale on eBay. We believe these are from parted out Jambos or from overstock that AMC produced at the time.

Number Owner Location Notes
98 unknown  unknown This Jambo was for sale. The owner claimed it was a '79 CJ5, but it had a a #98 dash plaque. The tub is definitely a CJ5 as  you can see from the doors. (3/3/09)
1083 unknown unknown This dash plaque was found on a Scrambler. This was discussed on www.cj-8.com. We were never able to obtain pictures. (3/15/09)

Jambo Leads

Yaseeen Ali has heard of another Jambo in Pakistan and one in Spain.

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