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Jambo Parts -- Decal

Jamboree Decal Lettering on Hood Sides
Jambos included "Jamboree" decal lettering on both sides of the hood. The lettering is all black and in an outline font. The lettering does not include any white. In addition, the hood blister did
not include a black decal, as seen on the Renegade II.
According to the 1981-1986 Parts Catalog, the Jambos included three sets of decals:

1. Jamboree hood decals, Part # J576 3052-3
2. Door applique, Part # J575 7648-9
3. Jeep Decal, Part J578 1024. Note, the parts catalog says that this part is Burnt Orange. As much as we would like that to be the case, being Longhorn fans, we believe that has to be a mistake.

Here is the page from the parts catalog.

The absolute best place to get Jambo decals (1), including decals for your hard doors (2), is Golden Eagle Decals. Click on the link below to go to their site. Make sure to tell them that '82 Jambo sent ya.

Watch out for incorrect decal kits. For example, this kit is wrong:


The Jambos did not come with a decal on the hood blister, like the '71 Renegade II.

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