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2017 Jambo Jamboree! 

The Jambo Registry is proud to announce the first-ever Jambo Jamboree! Join other Jambo owners on July 26, 2017, for the 65th Anniversary of the Jeepers Jamboree in Georgetown, CA (the gateway to the Rubicon)!! Then, stay for the Jeepers Jamboree July 27-30, 2017! Come celebrate the event that started it all!

By special arrangement, Jeepers Jamboree will host Jambo owners at its Classic Alley in downtown Georgetown, CA. Owners will be able to show off their Jambos and let others know about their classic Jeep, which was created to honor the 30th Anniversary of this epic four-wheel event!

Come promote the Jambo, meet Jambo owners, learn about the history of the event that lent its name to the 1982 Jeep CJ-7 Jamboree Commemorative Edition! Then, hit the Rubicon Trail for the trip of a lifetime, if you dare! You do not have to take your Jambo on the Rubicon trail if you don't want to.

The gates will open at 6:00 AM on July 26, 2017, and the event will end at 5:00 PM. Jeepers Jamboree will provide lunch to all owners who are displaying their Jambo! If you wish to attend, this free event, please fill out this entry form by clicking here.

In addition, Jeepers Jamboree has kindly offered to provide Jambo owners, who display their rigs, with discounted registration for the 65th Jeepers Jamboree (July 27-30). Specifically, for those who would like to attend the event, you can sign up between Nov 1st and June 1st and Jeepers Jamboree will accept your registration even if they are at sold out numbers, which is always the case. The price will be $450 per person across the board so you will not have to pay the increased registration price.

Please note that the Jeepers Jamboree event is optional! You can come display your Jambo on July 26 without going on the Rubicon, July 27-30!

The Jambo Registry hopes you will attend! This is a great opportunity to increase awareness of the Jambo and get it the press coverage it deserves.

How to Register

If you plan to attend, please do the following:

1. Fill out the entry form and send it directly to Jeepers Jamboree.

2. Register for the Jeepers Jamboree trail event, if you wish.

3. email The Jambo Registry (jambo152@82jambo.com) to let us know you are coming! We will post the attendee roster here!

Who is Coming?

The following owners have confirmed that they will attend the firsG-ever Jambo Jamboree!

Jambo #0152, Eric Bickel (Austin, TX)
Jambo #0180, Heath Aggen (Tyler, TX)
Jambo #0250, Phil Eichler (Whidbey Island, WA)
Jambo #0355, Daniel C'deBaca (Corrales, NM)
Jambo #0646, Joseph Para (Castro Valley, CA)

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