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Jambo Parts -- Wheels

Chrome Styled Wheels (4) and P235 Wrangler Radial Tires
The Jambo used the same 15" x 7" chrome wheels as the Laredo. These wheels use a 5-lug pattern and have holes drilled on a 5.5" diamater for center caps. The wheels were produced in Canada and are all date stamped on the interior backside. You can read more about the wheels here.

The tires were P235 Wrangler Radials. These are 29" tall and 9.25" wide. These were an upgrade from P225/75R15 that were the base-model Jeeps and the CJ-7 Limited.

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The part number for the 15x7 chromed-steel wheels (6) is J536-3400.

The front center caps (7) are part number J536-2006. The rear center caps (8) are J526-2005.

The Jambo did not use the Trim Ring (11). That was used on the Limited.

Here is the page from the parts catalog.

The wheels were made in Canada and are date-stamped. The picture below is a wheel from Jambo #0180. It is stamped 2-3-82 (February 3, 1982). We are currently researching Jambo wheel dates. Our current best guess is that original wheels on Jambos should be dated between about 1-15-82 and 6-15-82.

The Jambo did not use trim, or beauty rings, which were used on the Limited. Here is a picture of a 1982 CJ-7 Limited, showing the wheels:

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